The Story of the Hats & Baskets

These Bolgatanga baskets are from the villages around Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana. They are fair trade, hand woven colourful baskets hand picked for strength and quality. Made from dyed elephant grass, these baskets are famous for their beauty, durability and functionality. Each one is unique in design and colour combination and that makes them even more beautiful. 

Their uses are almost endless! Storage, shopping, foraging, picnics, dance shoes, wine, use as a hamper full of gifts, toys, children's books, fruit and vegetables, in the bathroom, display…..

I have owned one of these baskets for 16 years, and still have it though now (the handle has come off and we use it as a beautiful bowl). A friend of mine, Ben, here in Bristol imports musical instruments from Ghana (he is a music teacher with family there), and also brings back baskets and hats to the UK to sell at music festivals. Due to the pandemic, all the festivals have been cancelled for him, and as it has been difficult to get vintage stock: I thought to try these marvellous things on my new website! It’s one small business supporting another.  

10% of the sales of the baskets will go to the Black Lives Matter Movement in the UK to support the work they are doing towards ending racism.